Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where are the manners?

Good Lord, today has just been annoying!!!! First as I am driving Sammy to School a rock is thrown at my windsheild by a passing salt truck and now it has a huge - and still getting bigger- crack in it. Then I take Izzy to the doctors, she is fine, just a cold, but we go to walmart to get the scripts and as i am waiting for a car to pull out a car right in front of me starts to pull out and yes he sees me but nearly hits my car just so he can get out of there, so then the scripts will take 45 minutes to refill, not a big deal i can pick them up tomm. so as i am pulling out i am trying to be careful because the guy collecting all the carts in right in front of me with a car right behind him wanting my space, well logic tells me that that person will wait for the cart guy to get past my space for them to pull in. well wrong this car zooms around the cart guy, I am still trying to back up as this car is getting almost parallel with my car. So she rolls down her window to inform me that she wants my space, as she is pulling closer to the front of my car. So i - with a real annoyed look- back up even farther. she gets right up to my window as we pass, and says that she has been driving in circles, i think she said 4 times to try to get a close spot. I just shook my head and said well it is not worth an accident and merry christmas. I dont care if you drove all that time, it is not worth hitting my car with 2 children in it, because if you would have parked in a farther spot before you did 4 circles you could have been in walmart shopping by now. Man where are peoples manners today?

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Heather E said...

Wal-Mart parking lots are not fun. I almost always park further away just to avoid a scenario like that one. Good job keeping YOUR cool!