Sunday, December 7, 2008

Izzy Boo-Boo

She is truely my rebel. I guess I had it easy with Sam (i wish someone would have told me back then) so when Izzy came along with acid reflux, colic, and lactose intolorant, it was quite a shock. But even as she gets older, she will get annoyed real easy and thrust out her chest and grunt, or she will hit, or bite, and lately throw things, so she is just a character....well tonight was no exception. As i laied her on the changing table to get her zip up blanket on, I grabbed both of her hands and I said, "Lets pray tonight, Please god help us to be healthy and HAPPY. Bless sissy, daddy and mommy." and right as i finished saying mommy she tightened up and let out this garglie fart and then she giggled. Well I started laughing so hard i completely forgot to say amen, but that is my girl.

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Heather E said...

Cute picture of her!