Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A letter for Sammy from Santa

Thank you for writing such a wonderful letter Samantha HOHOHO!

We are having had a great year at the North Pole. The Reindeer are playing Reindeer Games to get in shape for our long trip on Christmas Eve, and the Elves are busy getting my Sleigh packed with lots and lots of Toys. Once Christmas arrives, I'll be off on my journey around the world.

I'm reading your letter right now, and it looks like you've been very good this year. That makes me so happy Samantha HOHOHO! While you are asleep on Christmas Eve, I will come to see you. I have your list and will keep it in a safe place so that I don't forget it. HOHOHO

Do You know what Samantha, Rudolph is here with Santa right now and he saysHi to you and wants you to say Hi to all of your family and friends for him.He is so happy that Christmas is almost here.I have to go now little one. I have a lot of letters to write to all of my other little friends.

You have sweet dreams and I will see you soon.

Merry Christmas Samantha

Oh I almost forgot, don't forget those cookies!

Love Santa

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