Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update on Sammy

Well we went to the urologist today with...well in my mind....a clean bill of health. I should have known better. With the 2 bladder infections sammy has had in last few months, well the dr. isnt liking that. He now whats to do a kidney study on her, so we will be (i dont know when) taking her in so they can insert a cathator up to her bladder, fill it up and then they will take a series of Xrays to see if her bladder is refluxing urine back into the kidneys. So as of right now she will be on this antibiotic until we know for sure. If she is refluxing, then we move on to a kidney doctor to check her kidneys for infection or scarring. So what I thought was going to be an in and out apt has now turned into a well see you back in a few weeks type of thing. Its just discouraging when your kids look and act healthy when there is something you dont know about lurking around.

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