Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold Night....Warm Memories

I love the fact that Sammy has friends. To live so innocently and to have play with some friends is the best thing in the world to her. Today was Sammys Show and Share at preschool and I swear that and snack is the whole reason why she loves preschool. She got to share her new Belle Doll. That was the only reason she was okay with leaving Mee-Mee's house. After that we went to a friends house to have supper and to have a birthday party for Emma. She likes to tell everyone that she is having 2 birthday parties this year, I think it is because she has choosen Izzys theme (carebears) and her theme (barbie). After the fun there, we all headed to a lighted christmas parade on the streets of Manhattan. As the girls snuggled into the wagon and Izzy was snug inside my coat I couldnt help but think of the Christmas Story when they all went to see the parade and Santa at the end. And then I was saddend to also think that this was going to be our last Christmas with daddy for a while. I dont know how they do it, I know that I couldnt. To leave my family and miss a whole year out of their lives just to protect us, its amazing that we even have a military in this day and age. If more people thought like me there wouldnt be one. I heard a song over the radio today I think it was "I will be home for Christmas", and over the song was voices of Moms, wives, and children, wishing their loved ones a Merry Christmas. It doesnt take long for my eyes to tear up but there was one little girl who said, Daddy I miss you. Today me, Mommy, and Bella made cookies for santa, I will save you some. I love you and I miss you daddy." Oh the tears just poured out of me because that is us. There is nothing more frightning and at the same time so honoring then to be a military family. I hate war believe you me but I am comforted in knowing the people I have come to know and my husband are out there protecting us from harm. Before Sammy went to bed tonight she said, "mommy I wont be scared of monsters anymore," and I said "Oh yeah why is that?" and she quickly said, "because my daddy kills all the monsters." She is so right. To her they are monsters, I wish I thought that way, to think they are furry and sometimes cute monsters she see's on TV, unfortunately I know otherwise and have even seen the faces of pure evil. Not just in terroist but in people that just do horrible things to other people and children. I hope that when she gets older that this will all be memories and the world is a better place because of all the daddy's killing the monsters. Wouldnt that be a warm memory

Ps thank you so much Heather for a great memory

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Heather E said...

And thank you as we had a great time at the parade too. It is hard to do family things with the guys gone, even if that is the field for 10 days, and having friends like you make the difference. We really enjoy the 3 Princesses and the girls want to know when ya'll can come over and PLAY?! :-)